Our Services

Sunday Services

You are most welcome to join us at any of  our Sunday services

At 10.00am

We meet to worship in our original service pattern (as set out below) thoughout the month, using Common Worship

  • 1st Sunday a Service of the Word
  • 2nd Sunday Holy Communion
  • 3rd Sunday Morning Prayer with Healing
  • 4th Sunday Holy Communion
  • 5th Sunday (where occuring) as announced on the monthly web post.

There is tea and coffee after this service where we are joined by those coming to our second service at 11.30am.

There is no Sunday School at this service but some provision for visiting children

At 11.30am

“All-age Worship”. We begin with coffee at 11.00 (when we join members attending the earlier service). There are worship songs, teaching, prayer and ministry-time. Finishing at 12.30pm.
There is provision for children at this service.


At 4.00pm

We have the ‘Gathering’ – an informal time for worship, fellowship and friendship, with light tea. Finishes at 5.30pm.
Photo acknowledgements:  David White www.davidwhitephotography.co.uk

and www.christianphotos.net