Reverend Canon Madeline Light

Madeline came to England from Australia when she was 3 years old with her English mother and New Zealander father. Her life was turned upside down when her father was disabled by polio and spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Her parent’s faith journey into the Roman Catholic church with its stories of miracles and routine of prayer and devotion, was added to when she encountered people experiencing the Holy Spirit in a new way in the 1970s. She studied science at university and taught for a couple of years. She married Paul, a Methodist, and together they resolved to attend their local church. When they came to Norwich in 1984 this was the Anglican church. They have four children all independent, married and with children of their own. Madeline trained for the ordained ministry and was ordained to serve part time in 1999. After her curacy in Eaton she served the elderly congregation at the Great Hospital for seven years. She came to St Stephen’s in 2009 and unexpectedly found herself involved with a huge building project, managing a thriving Cafe, and trying to work out with the congregation what means to build a worshipping community in the city centre.

Reverend Ian Fifield

Ian came to St Stephens in 2017 as a trainee clergy person and was ordained at Norwich Cathedral in June 2021. He now serves as curate where, as well as leading services, he has a special concern for making relationships with the local businesses that surround the church. He and his wife Lisa knew from their first visit that St Stephens was a very special place, with a heart to serve God and our community and combining his work as a business owner and finance trainer with his church role means that he is well placed to bridge the gap between church and work. A fun fact about Ian is that he once performed with the Royal Ballet Company at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden!

Biddy Collyer
Church Warden

Biddy is one of the two Church Wardens at St Stephen’s, along with Chris Killen. While Chris sorts out the fabric side of the church, Biddy focuses more on the personal side. She chairs the Standing Committee and is a member on the PCC. Biddy first came to St Stephen’s about 15 years ago when she decided that she wanted to go to a church within walking distance and have a local community to relate to. She knew the minute she walked through the North Porch that St Stephen’s was where she was meant to be- she had a sense of being led there by God and she knew she had come home. Being a member of the community at St Stephen’s has exceeded her wildest dreams- “we are an eclectic group and there is room for all of us, whoever we are!”. She loves the way that everyone at St Stephen’s can have fun together as well as forming a worshipping community, serving the city however God leads us.

Lisa Fifield
Operations Manager & Families Worker

Lisa has many hats on when she is at St Stephen’s but her main role is as the Operations Manager, looking after the day to day running of the church. She’s also responsible for the children and families work. Lisa and her husband Ian have been worshipping at St Stephen’s since 2017 and they knew immediately that this was where God wanted them to worship and serve. She loves that St Stephen’s is unique in that it brings together an amazing bunch of people, all different in their own ways but united by love for God. In a previous career, Lisa was a research scientist for British Sugar, developing new products, where she had a forklift and front-loading shovel driving licence and was in charge of 3 very large boilers!

Adam Jackson
Young Adults & Multimedia Worker

Adam is our Sunday service guy as well as our expert on ants and other interesting things! He’s responsible for putting the Sunday service together as well as producing leaflets, banners and posters and doing work on the website. Alongside that he works with the young adults of St Stephen’s to encourage them in their faith. Part of this includes organising fun stuff for the young adults to do and on one young adults’ weekend away to the beach that he organised, he convinced one of the others to help him drag a big, heavy metal lobster cage quite some miles back to Clare Melia’s car. When she got back to Norwich, she found a crab running around in her boot! Adam has been at St Stephen’s since 2013 and loves that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Fun fact about Adam: he once made a YouTube video that got famous in Japan and he didn’t know about it until 6 months later.

Clare Melia
Community Worker

Clare has been worshipping at St Stephen’s for ten years and has been our Community Worker for five years, working with anyone who needs our help. She enjoys being among people, learning together, drinking tea and eating cake! She loves the bustle and friendliness of St Stephen’s as well as the encouragement, team-work and commitment to journey alongside one another in life. Most of all she loves the tea that comes in tea pots and cute cups and saucers!! Clare loves the TV series Heartland, despite being slightly intimidated by horses and her favourite Bible verse is Psalm 27:4- “I’m asking God for one thing: To live with him in his house my whole life long. I’ll contemplate his beauty: I’ll study at his feet”.

Beckie Ward
Café Manager

Beckie has been the Café Manager at St Stephen’s for six years and she enjoys various aspects of this role- spending time with people and the very practical nature of serving in the Café. She loves the variety at St Stephen’s, in terms of ministries operating out of St Stephen’s as well as the volunteers and customers who all have such different life experiences. During her years at St Stephen’s, Beckie has been drawn back time and time again to the Bible verse Romans 12:1- ‘So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life- your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking around life- and place it before God as an offering.’ Fun fact about Beckie: she has recently released her nurturing side at home by propagating and raising hundreds (literally) of succulents!

Simon Wilson
Saturday Café Manager

More info is coming soon!

Andy Rose

Andy is our bookkeeper, assisting Sue our Treasurer, and has been at St Stephen’s for three years and nine days. He has always enjoyed producing financial reports to help people determine the best way forward and he loves that his role doesn’t require him to sit in the office all day looking at a computer screen- Madeline has always encouraged him to get away from his desk and enjoy being with the people at St Stephen’s. In fact, it’s the people that he loves most about St Stephen’s; fellow members of staff, the congregation, volunteers and customers in the Café as well as the visitors who drop in. A fun fact about Andy is that when he started secondary school, his mum said he needed to remember everything at school so he took this one step further and learnt the whole of his first year class register, he can still recite the 31 names!! A memorable Bible verse for him is Malachi 3:6 “For I the Lord do not change;….” which has been especially relevant in the past few months of change.

Megan Rawling 
Contemporary Worship Leader

Megan has been our worship leader for just over a year. She was initially the worship leader for the 11:30 service but now does the worship music for the digital service which is the main St Stephen’s service since lockdown. She loves the way God speaks and meets us in sung worship- “there’s something incredible about simple showing up with what we have and watching him do the rest”. Megan loves that everyone is welcoming at St Stephen’s and that the first priority is the person in front of you instead of a to-do list. It is a place where people can be real with each other and where she keeps learning more about God’s mercy and kindness to us. In her spare time Megan loves salsa dancing. She is also very difficult to beat at the card game Jungle Speed!

Ministry Administrator: Carolin Buchholz

Trainee Ordinand: Sam Luscombe

Trainee Lay Reader: Dave Humphreys

Revelation 3:20

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.

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